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Training Courses
Training Courses developed and delivered by LeBlond & Associates address the regulatory foundation for the design, licensing, and operation of nuclear power plants in the United States.

Distinguishing features of LeBlond & Associates' courses include:
> Up-to-date regulatory information and positions
> Practical application of the regulations
> Illustrative and realistic examples extensively used
> Instructors who possess both platform skills and practical experience

Each course may be taken individually. However, the courses will be more effective if the intended sequence and prerequisites are followed. Select
"Suggested Course Sequence" to review the optimal sequence of courses.

"Course List and Information" to review a detailed course listing, along with additional information regarding each course. These classes are typically delivered under contract for a specific nuclear site.

However, selected courses are delivered in the Chicago, Illinois area and are available for attendance by individuals and small numbers from nuclear sites. Select
"Class Schedule/Registration" to view the current schedule and registration information for these classes.

Additional information, pricing, scheduling, and ability to address specialized requirements, are available upon request.
Course List & Information
Suggested Course Sequence
Class Schedule/Registration
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